Fox Hunt – 8 OCT

Hello Everyone.

As promised at last night’s meeting here is an invitation to participate in a Fox hunt and to build an antenna suitable for the purpose.  Fox hunts are a great way to learn about radios in general.  And for those of you that don’t really know a radio Fox hunt is the search for a hidden transmitter.  These can be fun and rewarding.  So the following is a 411 on exactly what we are doing:

  1. The Fox hunt transmitter will transmit an ID string on 146.565MHz at intervals of several seconds.
  2. The ID will be using CW at 20wpm and will have in the string “W7VW” plus a bunch of other valuable information.
  3. There may be more than one transmitter at a different location sending out a similar string offset in time by some random time.
  4. You can decern the actual transmitter by listening to the last character sent.  Thus; one transmitter might send a “1” and the other might send a “2” as the last character.
  5. Fox hunt transmitters can best be located by using a Yagi antenna.
  6. A handheld radio should be used to locate the Fox transmitter.
  7. The best handheld radio should be a dual-band model as it is sometimes useful to listen to the third harmonic at 439.695MHz when you are getting close to the transmitter.  Otherwise, a single-band model can be used.
  8. Most important: the handheld radio should have an S-Meter that has a large display.  For instance, the ubiquitous BaoFeng S-Meter is not so good!

OK, let’s cut to the chase!

On Saturday, October 1st at 10 am I will host an antenna building session for the fabrication of antennas suitable for use in a Fox hunt.  These will be constructed using pieces of PVC pipe, hose clamps, coax 14 gauge wire, and, most important, pieces of an old tape measure.  I will supply everything.  I have enough material to build about 10 of them.  The session will be held in my shop.  Sorry to say it is by invitation only so if you want to participate you need to send me an email.  The workshop is limited to 10 persons so sign up quickly.  To those who send an email, I will confirm whether you make the cut or not.   The shop is located behind my ham shack at 2602 Wiard Street.  Just look for the antennas.

The intent here is that we will hold a formal Fox hunt on the following weekend, Saturday, October 8th.

So if you get this email and your buddy didn’t please forward it to him.  The Idea here is to target newer licensed hams but even you old ones are invited.  Just sign up quickly.

Attached is a document that describes the antenna.


Jim WO7V