We all have had Elmers and friends pass through our lives that have contributed to our journey in amateur radio. Some have had a huge impact on us, some less noticeable but no less important, often contributing to the community in ways very few will ever know about. We remember them here, whether we knew them personally or not, because they have contributed to the legacy of amateur radio.

Raise a glass, and remember those who have passed before us fondly, for they lead the way. May we be as generous and inspirational to those who follow us. ~KK6GXG

  • Allen “Al” White (W6KHD)
  • Bennett Robertson (N7RBI)
  • Carolyn Brooks (AB7ET)
  • Henry Lucht (KF7HWU)
  • Ruth Schorr (K7RFO)
  • Marie Dunkeson (WB7EIG)