February 2023 Club Meeting


Meeting Agenda / February 22nd, 2023

1.     Call meeting to order.

a.     Pledge of Allegiance

2.     Count of Active Members present to verify quorum (Article IV, Item2)

3.     Introduction of Guests

4.     Secretary’s Report

a.     Review of prior club meeting minutes

5.     Correspondence and communications to the club

6.     Report of Executive Committee meeting, if any

7.     Health & Welfare

a.     Member Updates

                                                    i.     Denny Dunkenson / WA7YPR

b.     Silent Keys

                                                    i.     Ruth Schorr / K7RFO

8.     Treasurer’s Report

9.     First Vice President’s Report on amateur radio activity, events, etc.

a.     Upcoming events

                                                    i.     Rickreall – 2/18

10. Second Vice President’s Report on club community activities

11. Committee Reports

a.     Constitution & Bylaws report- progress on revisions

b.     Infrastructure report

                                                    i.     Information regarding repeater site linking project.

1.     Waiting on weather and final equipment order

                                                   ii.     Repeater Site Review

                                                 iii.     APRS/Digipeter Updates

1.     Equipment assembly

c.     SOARexpo

                                                    i.     Updates on planning for October 2023 convention

12. Old Business

a.     Furthering education / builders

b.     Ham Club Online

c.     Membership dues pricing / renewals

13. New Business

a.     Vote on club constitution

b.     COARECT – Lunch meeting w/Jeff, Charlie and Cyndi

                                                    i.     VARA FM

                                                   ii.     Walker Link

                                                 iii.     Field Day friendly competition

14. Statements by members for the good of the club

15. Adjournment of meeting / Thank you for attending!