Fox Hunt – 7/15/2023

K-BAR-A will host a FOX hunt this weekend on Saturday July 15th.  Get your radios and antennas out!

There are two  hidden transmitters to be found.  The operating frequency is 146.565MHz.  Both transmitters will be on the air by 8 am on Saturday, July 15th.  Each transmitter will be a significant distance removed from the other one.  Both transmitters will be located in the Greater Klamath Basin area within 10 miles from the downtown Post Office. 

Both transmitters are in a small plastic ammo box with an antenna protruding from the side of the case. The transmitters send a CW string every 30 seconds. To distinguish the two transmitters apart just listen to the CW string.  One will end with a ‘1’ “di dah dah dah dah”, the other one will end with a ‘2’  “di di  dah dah dah”

The reward will be a tri-band (2m, 1.25m, 70cm) handheld radio and bragging rights.

When you find a FOX, take a photo of it (and a selfie) and text it to me at the following number: ‪(530) 918-8225‬.   Also please let me know where you found it. It’s important to text your picture immediately so we can log the time you find it.

Charlie / K7AKT

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