5GHz Link – Hamaker to Hogback

We are happy to announce the installation of a 5GHz link between our Hamaker and Hogback sites.

The equipment used includes MikroTik NetMetal 5GHz High Power radios and Ubiquiti RD-5G30 dishes. Equipment is on loan so we could test the link and prove the path before spending club money. Next steps will be to use already approved club funds to purchase the club radios and antennas.

After adjusting the antennas, we achieved a -55dB signal strength in both directions. Bandwidth testing between MikroTik radios topped 250Mbps with UDP packets and 150Mbps with TCP packets in single direction tests. A full stress test pushing maximum data in both directions at the same time yielded about 65Mbps in each direction. These are half duplex radios so when both need to transmit a lot of data at the same time, the total throughput will be lower.

Hamaker Installation


Hogbak installation.


Hogback installation crew from left to right:

Charlie/K7AKT, Chuck/KJ7KWR and Terry/KA6DNO

Hogback Install Crew


Elevation Profile